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Undercover Vitality is where all the secrets are revealed; nothing is held back! Our community is designed for those people who feel as though they are transitioning in life. Your environment may be changing, your relationships, or your body. Or, you may have come through a health scare and want to treat yourself better in the future. Join others on the journey to being confident about health choices in a chaotic world of options, finding the wise, calm, resourceful part of yourself, and reigniting your spark for life. Leave behind the confusion and anxiety; your joy is waiting!

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Premium Courses

Lean Clean Belly Routine

Become your expert. Healing is a journey. Expand your knowledge about yourself as you heal and evolve.

Increase Your Confidence. As you travel this path, you will connect with other like-minded community members and have direct access to Dr. Nancy Trimboli and her Healthcare Arsenal. There is a world of opportunity for health and healing. This course will expose what's possible and free you from endless medication. 

Get results. Most participants in the Lean Clean Belly Routine experience dramatic differences within four weeks, with some noticing improvements nearly immediately.

Jet Lag No More

Reach your destination in sync with sleep and mealtimes. We've designed Jet Lag No More to quickly and effectively reset your internal clock to local time. Your results mean no pills, no prep before take-off, and no change in sleep times at home before your trip.

Receive downloads and Checklists. After watching the course, a one-page download is all you need to put the Jet Lag No More strategy in motion. In addition, you will have access to travel checklists and packing tips to improve your flight experience.

Get results. You've taken months to plan this trip, and enjoying every moment is paramount. Take advantage of the memories that will last a lifetime.

Instant Yes!

Save Money. You, like me, likely have a cabinet full of supplements recommended at one time or another. Do you need all of them? None of them? Is it money well spent, or flushed down the toilet? With your Instant YES! talents you will know the what, when, how much, what brand, and what combination you need, in this moment, today. 

Gain Confidence. You will leave this course with the confidence to make quick yes and no decisions not only on what supplements to take, but also what foods are good, bad, or neutral.

Find Your Healing Path. With your new talents, you will be guided to discover your own personal healing path and continue your journey of regaining your vitality in the Stealth Health model.

Instant Clarity

The Instant Clarity course will take you out of an anxious and worrisome mindset and into a way of being that is peaceful and tranquil - no matter what is happening!

Harness the power of your body. We've designed Instant Clarity to help you discover and use reflexes you currently possess to calm your inner dialogue - literally instantly.

Gain insider knowledge on techniques to improve your mind and body. Dr. Nancy shares her secret stealthy way towards maintaining a peaceful poise to reduce stress, keep your organs healthy, and help you to connect and have deeper relationships with others.

Get results. By the end of this course, you will have at least one tool which will instantly take you from anxious to calm and resourceful. 

Big Bowl Course

Gather Tools and Ingredients. Create a shopping list, get to the store and purchase items, even if these are foods you wouldn't ordinarily eat. The combinations of Big Bowl ingredients and how they play off each other is the Insider secret to success. Don't worry about feeding your whole household at first. Concentrate on you. You are evolving in health and in mindset. To make a change in both, you'll have to break some old patterns. Be bold! 

Share generously, but only after you've discovered your favorite Big Bowl combinations. Your friends and family will see a change in you as you discover a healthier way of being. Share your discoveries (and recipes!) Invite them to become part of this Undercover Vitality community so that they may transform too!

Look for more recipes, shopping lists, and tools here. As Dr. Nancy discovers more and uploads more content, be the first to hear about it. Here's a Connected Insider trivia tid-bit: Prior to discovering Chiropractic, Dr. Nancy wanted to be a chef!

Big Bowl Breakfast

Access exclusive content. Dr. Nancy has designed Big Bowl Breakfast to inspire you to create healthy but delicious options to start your day off right.

Get results. Feel more energized, curb your hunger and start your day with fuel for your body!

Essential Oil Basics

As a  Connected Insider of Undercover Vitality, you have access to video instruction of some of Dr. Nancy's favorite essential oil recipes! These are designed to improve your health, help you to stay away from chemicals and medications, and improve mental clarity.

By the end of this course you will have the skills to create at least one of Dr. Nancy's personal recipes for essential oil blends.  

By the end of this course you will have the skills to create at least one of Dr. Nancy's personal recipes for essential oil blends.  

Get results.  Use the knowledge you gain to help enhance mental focus, have more restful sleep, enjoy deeper interpersonal connections, and even repel mosquitos!

Your Healthcare Arsenal Podcast

As a connected insider, you'll get a few great benefits from being here:

Listen to fascinating conversations. Dr. Nancy and her colleagues discuss interesting and informative topics.

Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community here in Podcasts, you're on a path of mastery. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation we'll get together matters.

What Community Members Are Saying

Diana G.

Great content! This is so amazing and I am so grateful to be included in the launch. It is evident that ALOT of work has gone into this platform.

Stephanie H.

This content is AMAZING & a down right blessing! Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Nancy. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a gift.

Julie T.

UV is a series of short video courses that covers a variety of health related issues (physical and mental) and offers potential solutions other than conventional treatments and medicine,The aim is to make a person whole, happy and healthy. They have many options and resources from well-known reliable sources.

Vicki Z.

The big bowls - love them, since I only tend to eat once a day, these are great for adding nutritional value.

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