About Dr. Nancy Trimboli

An accomplished healthcare expert and chiropractor with over 30 years and 20,000 patients of experience.

Her unique approach to patient care and business management is a testament to the values she inherited from her father, an Episcopalian priest, and the discipline fostered by earning a black belt in Taekwondo.

At the pinnacle of her practice, Dr. Nancy oversaw a thriving multi-location, multi-doctor business with over 40 employees. Her day-to-day engagements involved direct interaction with up to 150 individual patients, granting her extensive experience distilling complex health issues into digestible information.

Beyond her hands-on chiropractic practice, Dr. Nancy is a passionate educator. She has hosted over 800 workshops in her office, sharing her knowledge and insights to help others understand the intricacies of their health.  Her online community, Undercover Vitality was three years in development and was launched in late 2023. The community is home to all her courses, including the flagship Instant Yes course, home of her podcast, and where she regularly interacts with her members. The "Your Healthcare Arsenal Podcast" is set to launch on Spotify in mid 2024 with guests who offer alternative health strategies.

Her dedication to health education extends to her Youtube channel with over 250 videos and over 3,000 subscribers. With her adult book, Stealth Health: Take Back Your Power and Unravel the Mystery of You, she continues to guide thousands toward healthier lives. Her passion for communication also flows into children's literature, with her debut book, Little Squirrel Girl, telling a true story of a baby squirrel benefiting from a chiropractic adjustment.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Dr. Nancy leads an active lifestyle. Having donated her horse and hung up her saddle after 20 years of competitive riding, she gets her dose of exercise each week in the form of high intensity slow motion weight lifting, yoga, and biking. She has recently resumed golfing after a 30 year hiatus, enjoys being outdoors and the challenge of golf, but would never profess to being any good at it. She finds peace in cooking with her husband and gardening, and taking her rescue pup, Brooklyn, on long walks at their lake house. 


Superstar Chiropractic Leader series: 2006


Munster Citizen of the Year award: 2011


Professional to Watch, BusINess Indiana Magazine: 2013


Winner, Best of the Region contest: 9 consecutive years

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